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PolyFiber II Thickener

PolyFiber II Thickener


Add PolyFiber II to Polytek® liquid polyurethane plastics or rubbers to thicken for brush-on application or to make mold shells. PolyFiber II turns a pourable mold rubber, such as Poly 74-30 Liquid Rubber, into a brushable system with any level of thickening desired – thin for a face coat or thicker for subsequent coats. PolyFiber II makes a pourable plastic, such as Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic, into a highly versatile, brushable consistency for making lightweight mother molds or mold shells. Thickened plastics can also be used to create thin, lightweight, laid-up castings.


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3-lb Unit of PolyFiber II Thickener (~5 gallons)

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