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PolyFoam F-3 Casting Foam

PolyFoam F-3 Casting Foam


PolyFoam F-3 is a two-part, flexible polyurethane casting foam. This self-skinning foam has a free-rise density of 3 lb/ft³, but should be cast at a density of 5 to 8 lb/ft³ to achieve good surface detail and mold fill. PolyFoams are useful for creating props, tools and any decorative, functional or artistic object which needs to be flexible and lightweight. These flexible foams should be cast into PlatSil® or TinSil® silicone rubber molds, but can be cast into polyurethane rubber molds that have been coated with PolyCoat Sealer & Release Agent.

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This 120-lb kit includes:
40 lb of PolyFoam F-3 Part A (~5 gallons)
80 lb of PolyFoam F-3 Part B (~10 gallons)

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